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Good Neighbor Project

Dear Friends,

We hosted a great virtual Easter celebration this weekend – if you didn’t get a chance to see it, you can watch online here.

We are living in strange times, and all of us at Seminole Heights United Methodist Church are feeling it, too. Our Preschool is remaining closed, and we will continue to host online worship for the next several weeks at least. Our church building is closed except for essential staff maintaining physical distance.

This is a big change and adjustment for everyone. Not being able to see each other changes everything in our daily lives, not least of which is church.

But as the song says, “The church is not a building… the church is the people.” We are the church! And it’s important for each of us to live out that reality in our current times.

So you are invited to be the church.

This week, our church is launching the Good Neighbor Project. We’re asking everyone to get to know your neighbors – safely – by placing a doorhanger on their door with your contact information on it. Let them know you are available to talk, pray, or help however you can. Download the doorhanger here. If you don’t have a printer or can’t print, you can order twelve doorhangers delivered to your door for only $2.50 here.

Let’s be the church! Our church is also committed to giving any funds donated to our Helping Hands fund to help healthcare workers and first responders on the front lines of the coronavirus crisis. Consider making a gift online or mailing your gift in today.

Friends, these are hard times. It’s going to get harder before it gets easier. It’s ok to experience fear and grief and despair. Know that God is with you even when you are feeling all of those things. When you are ready to do something, to make a difference, join us! Join us in sharing God’s love in our community.

Blessings, Pastor Tiffania

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